As Fast As: Open Letter To The Damned

You think you’re playing your cards right
you can’t believe you’ve grown so tight
she’s so hard to please
even down on your knees
you can beg ‘baby please’
but it’ll just make a scene

you can give her your time
but she’ll turn on a dime
what’s your story here’s mine
she’s got a social disease

she said she liked my fuc*** up hair
she liked my cold, come hither stare
she loved that I was dumb
she loved my rough first note
she told me she’d always be there

open your eyes and avoid the surprise
before she fucks with your head
and a part of you dies, oh no
you’ll be feeling my pain
and I’ll tell you again
and again and again and again
you better run while you can

[Chorus 2]
cuz that woman’s made a fool of me
for the last time
I’m no fool
that devil’s kept me up all night
for the last time

and now I look into her eyes
ice cold and blue as autumn skies
I feel so much regret
for what’s not happened yet
in fact step back because she’s mine


[chorus 2](x2)