Pearl Jam: Come back

If keep holding now
Will the light shine through, under this broken roof, there´s only rain that I feel
I´ve been wishing out the days... oh oh oh.

Come back...

I have been planing out, all that I´ll say to you
Since you´ve sliped away, know that I still remain true
I´ve been wishing out the days...
Please say it again.
If you hadn´t go now, I wouldn´t have lost you another way
From wherever you are...
Come back

In these days, It lingers on
And in the night, I´ve been waiting for...
A real possibilitie that I may meet you in my dreams.
I go to sleep.

If I don´t fall apart, will my memories stay clear
So you had to go, and I had to remain here
But the strangest thing today,
So far way and yet,
You feel so close, and I´m not gonna question it any other way
There must be an open door for you...
To come back

In the days, It lingers on
And every night, I´m waiting for..
A real possibilitie that we meet you in my dreams.
Sometimes you´re there and you´re talking back to me
Come the morning, and I can swear that you´re next to me.
It´s ok...
...its ok... its ok