Los Campesinos: Knee Deep At ATP

And every sentence that I spoke began and ended in ellipsis
Each of eight fingers gripping what he wrote, clung on tightly, like parenthesis
And for each correctly used apostrophe, I could feel my heart sink inside my chest in front of me

So, maybe the lining of a winter's coat mightn't be the best place to hide a summer secret
Said every photo that you took that festival got lost in your camera in an insurance scam
And though underexposed, i could see from the quality, his K Records t-shirt and you holding his hand
And I know he took you to the beach, I can tell from how you bite on your cheek, every time the sand falls from your insoles
And when our eyes meet, all that I can read, is "you're the b-side".

They said "it's not what you like, it's what you're like as a person",
Well, I need new hobbies, that's one thing for certain
Not what you like, but what you're like as a person,
Well, I need new hobbies, that's one thing for certain.