Monster Magnet: Doomsday

Sleep and sleep again
You might as well stay in
Another happy day
A funeral in Berlin

What can I do with you
Your layers and your doors
Pathetic little hypocrite
Your calling me a whore

And every drop of red just turns our white to rust
All you do is take away the only thing I love
You don't have to dig for motives
You're just too easy to read
Rip your wound a little wider
So all the dirt can get in

It's doomsday it's doomsday
It's closing round my head
It's forcing tumors down my throat
It's tucking me in bed

And all your hopes and dreams
Mean nothing to me now
It's absolute Apocalypse
You stupid fucking cow
And as you drop the fire
And as you burn the hive
I'm standing on ground zero baby
Hollow but alive

I knew you'd chicken baby
Your just too easy to read
Go on and cut the lasso
There's nothing left in me to bleed

It's doomsday, it's doomsday