Bryan Adams: I Ain't Losing The Fight

How come the best ones are always taken
what i see when i see ya - is love in the makin'
something about timin', something about fate
gotta go with the feeling - not a moment too waste

bring it on bring it on -ya - i was born ready
i'm a son of a strong man - i'm rock steady
everything you throw - i can see it coming
ain't gonna be no TKO just a lot of lovin'

cuz opposites attract this way
if day is night and night is day
if loving you is wrong then babe - wrong is right
and i ain't losin' the fight

take it on, take it on, take it on - no second guessing
dressin' up a situation - we should be undressing
hear the bell ringing - seconds out round two
i got my eyes on the prize, and the prize is you