Inventados: Why

so sad tell me what happened

you are crying when there are many things that you should


To think that you think that he still loves you if many times

I hurt you I humiliate you and only saw you as a distraction
so many times were the opportunities to leave that love so
toxic that you clung to it knowing that it would simply harm
you slowly
Why? so sad

Tell me if you can still open your eyes to reality and leave
that fantasy world
that you are still clinging to, you know that there will be
too many things
for which you can smile than for someone who sees you cry and
hurt yourself

so sad if you know that there will be someone in the world
who will love you in a unique way than for a shitty man

who only made you suffer and never told you that he loved you
and only

caused you problems and a void that still does not close