A Minor Loss: Thank You For Dreaming The Friendly Skies

my apathy doesn't apeal to you as much as i'd expect
reflections of my former self remind me of times, we'd swing the night away

my hearts been drained,
and it's beginning to stain the tub.

whoa, don't i wish for a fresh start
we could run to
colorado, wake up to the mountain air

i'd write your name in the stars and tell you that i'm hopeless
explain the 9-digit nights, asking if you're home

whoa, operator your voice
isn't so soothing after
all, ive learned not to care

"mike, wont you hold me one last time,
enjoy this postcardesque view
backdrop to our hearts
'wish you were here'
the sky just seems to ordinary,
the noisy streets shatter the silence
that helps me dream of you"
well i miss you too.